Westbridge International LLC is, a U.S. private advisory firm based in Washington DC, committed towards advancing commercial and government relationships between the United States and emerging markets, with a special focus on the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) Region.  

Westbridge International LLC was founded on the belief that the U.S. has a strong consumer base of over 300 million and is a leading source of innovation, with unparalleled products, technology, services, and best practices.  With a competitive global market, our clients need a dedicated and trusted partner with greater access to key decision-makers and focused on developing long-term relationships.

Westbridge International LLC collaborates with key strategic partners around the world to expand our reach and provide business opportunities for our clients.  We have also developed a strategic alliance with the Tuatara Group LLC for the development of key infrastructure projects around the world in a diverse array of infrastructure sectors, including energy and power, water and sanitation, information and communications technology, transportation, and smart cities. 

Our key interest is advancing business between the U.S. and emerging markets across the globe.


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